In January 2023, Waypointer Ventures LLC is launching the inaugural season of the TX BBQ Trail — an experiential tourism/loyalty program designed to drive customers directly to your physical business location through gamified incentives.

Please review the recorded Webinar below, as well as the Welcome Kit setup instructions below.

If you have any questions, please send us an email via info@txbbqtrail.com!


Unlike most food & travel apps designed to siphon fees from small business through delivery or online orders, The Waypointer “Proof-of-Presence” system is purpose-built to drive real BBQ fans to your physical point-of-sale where you will convert them into real customers.

Please watch this video invitation from Pitmaster and TX BBQ Trail Statewide Ambassador, John Brotherton of Brotherton’s Black Iron BBQ, explaining the simple set-up process for Founding 50 Trail Stops.


The app is free for all users to download and start visiting locations and earning their points. Waypointer will offer paid Trailblazer Memberships (starting at $9.99/mo or $99/yr) which will double their points earned per verified visit, and qualify them for exclusive opportunities throughout the trail.

We will also launch and promote a TX BBQ Trail online store where trail participants can redeem their points for upgraded status, event access, discounts or merchandise from participating trail locations. (see below)


The TX BBQ Trail  “Founding 50” is FREE TO JOIN for any BBQ restaurant (permitted brick & mortar food establishment or mobile food service unit) with a primary physical address location in Texas and with 10 or fewer total locations. During the first “Founding 50” season of the TX BBQ Trail, (Jan-Sept. 2023) Only one primary location per business will be allowed to join. After September 2023, up to five (5) unique locations per business will be permitted to join the Trail for subsequent “seasons”.

“Founding 50” Locations will NEVER pay a fee to participate in future seasons as long as they remain active on the Trail.

To join, each Trail Stop must agree to these three (3) basic requirements.


Provide a discount (Minimum 10% — Maximum 25%) to any PAID TRAILBLAZER Member who displays a verified check-in at your location.

Discounts must be redeemable only once per member per day on food & merchandise on orders up to $100.*


Provide the TX BBQ Trail with a Digital Coupon with a retail value of $50 or more, to be offered for points redemption in the TX BBQ Trail Store.

Optionally, branded merchandise and/or other featured items my also be offered. Waypointer Ventures will purchase items at wholesale cost and offer them for sale with points and/or dollars in the TX BBQ Trail Store.*


Install and maintain active placement of all items provided in the TX BBQ Trail Welcome Kit. 

*Discounts On Alcohol Purchases Are Expressly Excluded

**TX BBQ Trail Store will launch in Mid-late 2023 after a majority Trail Members have earned enough points for redemptions. Solicitations for Digital Coupons and/or merchandise will come closer to that launch date.


Each participating Trail Stop will be provided with a TX BBQ Trail Welcome Kit containing the the following items for quick installation & on-boarding.

A Unique TX BBQ Trail Wall Poster

Place at least one TX BBQ Trail poster at a highly visible & weather-protected place at your primary location (preferably near your customer line, or menu boards) encouraging patrons to scan the QR code and become Trailblazer Members.FOR EVERY PATRON WHO BECOMES A PAID TRAILBLAZER MEMBER FROM SCANNING YOUR UNIQUE REGISTRATION LINK, WE WILL RETURN 10% OF THEIR INITIAL MEMBERSHIP TRANSACTION BACK TO YOUR BUSINESS AS A REFERRAL BONUS FOR HELPING SIGN-UP MORE TRAILBLAZER MEMBERS!
(i.e. $1 for each monthly member, $10 for each 12 month-membership order. Referral bonuses are tallied and paid back to your business each quarter.  Waypointer will also share a quarterly list of all paid Trailblazer Members (name, email address, and membership type) who’ve joined by scanning the code at your specific location.)

Five (5) NFC Sticker Check-Points

These NFC CHECK-POINTS will likely be the primary way most patrons check-in to your location and earn their points.  In order for a patron to receive their points, they must be both within the GPS proximity of your business AND they must TAP their phone on any one of the NFC stickers near your point of sale.  These stickers will work if placed on almost any surface (including metal) and can register 100,000 unique check-ins.You do not have to use all five stickers, can order more as needed, and you can place them anywhere you’d like to drive foot traffic to a precise point within your business.

One (1) Mobile Set-up Bluetooth Beacon

The Bluetooth Beacon is designed to allow a high-volume of patrons to check-in all at once.  It comes in the box pre-configured and assigned for your business. It has a 4 year battery life and is set to a 50 foot effective check-in radius.  All you need to do is attach the beacon to your mobile setup in a safe location (i.e. Truck, Pit Trailer, Event Booths, etc..) All registered beacons can be activated for special achievements to attract trail members to meet you wherever you roam.

* Additional NFC stickers can be purchased for $2/sticker and beacons can be purchased for $25 each and can be attached to remote locations (i.e. pit trailers, event booths, etc…) Instructions on how to activate a temporary remote location will be shared after basic setup of your primary location is completed.