Texas BBQ is the best BBQ in the world.

Texas has launched a first-of-its-kind BBQ Trail, where YOU — the  Burnt-End Believers, the Disciples of Dry Rub, the Low & Slow Legion — can follow the true path of BBQ righteousness.

Sign-up now to secure your spot on the TX BBQ Trail. Then spread the good word, and stay connected as we announce the Trail’s sacred stops and the blessings bestowed to its members.

Your Ultimate BBQ Pilgrimage Awaits!

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*Discounts eligible after verified  in-person check-in, once per active Trailblazer Member per day on food and/or merchandise purchases up to  $100. Alcohol purchases excluded. Discount amount and eligible items are subject to each business, and may vary by Trail Stop.

**On RXP earned for in-person check-ins at primary Trail Stop Locations.  (Limit one check-in per member, per Trail Stop, per day)

The Inaugural 2023 TX BBQ Trail

How to Prepare for Your TX BBQ Journey?

The TX BBQ Trail App

Install the app onto your personal mobile device to check-in and earn your RXP (Real Experience Points) throughout the Trail. You can view your check-in history, RXP totals and update your personal profile all on the app.

A Plan For Each Trail Stop

Using the TX BBQ Trail app or our Website, find the profile page of the joint you are planning to visit. Then look for their operating hours, Trailblazer exclusive discounts and opportunities for special events and point bonuses.

Your Registered Device to Check-in Using the TX BBQ Trail App

You’ll check-in by either tapping your phone on a TX BBQ Trail check-point (usually near the point of sale), or by being close enough to a beacon at an event.

A Ravenous But Responsible Hunger for Adventure

If you enjoy an adult beverage or two with your BBQ, please ensure you do so responsibly and make a plan for designated drivers and/or hotel accommodations to safely travel between BBQ Trail locations.